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The RaspiBlitz is a do-it-yourself Lightning Node (LND and/or Core Lightning) running together with a Bitcoin-Fullnode on a Raspberry Pi (1TB SSD) and a nice display for easy setup & monitoring.

RaspiBlitz is mainly targeted for learning how to run your own node decentralized from home - because: Not your Node, Not your Rules. Discover & develop the growing ecosystem of the Lightning Network by becoming a full part of it. Build it as part of a workshop or as a weekend project yourself.


Feature Overview

Additional Services that can be installed thru WebUI (beginners):

  • Ride the Lightning (RTL) (LND & CoreLightning Node Manager WebUI) details
  • ThunderHub (LND Node Manager WebUI) details
  • BTC-RPC-Explorer (Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer) details
  • BTCPay Server (Bitcoin Payment Processor) details
  • LNbits (Lightning wallet/accounts System) details
  • Mempool Explorer details
  • JAM (JoinMarket Web UI) details

Further Services that are just available thru SSH menu (advanced users):

  • ElectRS (Electrum Server in Rust) details
  • SpecterDesktop (Multisig Trezor, Ledger, COLDCARD wallet & Specter-DIY) details app connection guide
  • Lightning Terminal (Loop, Pool & Faraday) (Manage Channel Liquidity) details
  • JoinMarket (CoinJoin Service) details
  • JoinMarket Web UI (Browser-based interface for JoinMarket) details
  • Balance Of Satoshis (Commands for working with LND balances) details
  • Kindle Display (Bitcoin Status Display made with a jailbroken Kindle) details
  • Stacking Sats Kraken (Auto-DCA script) details
  • Circuit Breaker (Lightning Channel Firewall) details
  • PyBlock (Python Util & Fun Scripts) details
  • Sphinx Chat Relay Server details
  • Telegraf metrics details
  • Chantools (Fund Rescue) details
  • Suez (Channel Visualization for LND & CL) details
  • Helipad (Podcasting 2.0 Boostagram reader) details
  • Squeaknode details
  • CL Spark Wallet (WalletUI with BOLT12 offers) details
  • CL plugin: Sparko (WalletUI & HTTP-RPC bridge) details
  • CL plugin: CLBOSS (Automated Node Manager) details
  • CL plugin: The Eye of Satoshi (Watchtower) details
  • Tallycoin Connect (Use Tallycoin with your own node) details
  • ItchySats (Non-custodial peer-to-peer CFD trading) details
  • LNDg (WebUI analyze/manage lnd with automation) details
  • LNDK (runs on top of LND to help forward onion messages (BOLT 12)) details

You can connect the following Wallet-Apps to your RaspiBlitz (thru SSH menu):

Also many more features like Touchscreen, Channels Autopilot, Backup, DynDNS, SSH-Tunneling, UPS Support, ...