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RaspiBlitz is optimized to run on RaspberryPi 4&5 and needs at least a 1TB external storage. To setup hardware & software follow this tutorial.


To run RaspiBlitz in a Virtual Machine, Proxmox or on an old laptop (experimental) check Alternative Platforms.

Setup Time Estimate

In a prepared workshop at a hackday or conference (see detailed workshop tutorial) or when it comes fully assembled with an up-to-date synced blockchain, it's possible to have a RaspiBlitz ready in about 1 hour.

But normally if you start at home ordering the parts from Amazon (see shopping list in next chapter) then it's a weekend project with a lot of downloading and syncing time where you can do other stuff while checking on the progress from time to time.

So lets get started and take a look at your Hardware Setup.


If you already run a Umbrel, Citadel or myNode you have basically all the hardware needed and you can make the Migration to RaspiBlitz from Umbrel/Citadel/myNode under one hour.



This is Open-Source Software licensed under the MIT License. This license explicitly excludes the authors & publishers from any legal liabilities including funds you manage with this software. Its use at your own risk - see LICENSE legal text for details.

Also the RaspiBlitz offers lots of additional apps for install. With every additional app installed (or pre-installed in a fatpack sd card image) you are trusting also the authors & dependencies of those additional projects with the security of your system & funds (different legal licensed may apply also). To reduce pre-installed apps & features from the start we provide a minimal sd card image for more advanced users (see download section below). For more details on this topic see our SECURITY documentation.